Robinson Preserve Twilight 5k 2014

We’re back at Robinson Preserve! The most awesome race on the planet (I have no proof of this, I haven’t been to to many places on this planet). My sister and I did our first 5k at this same race last year. Read the experience here.

Where? Bradenton, FL When? 3/28/2014 Distance? 3.1 miles Finishing Time? 31:08

This time we felt like pro’s. Also, our mom did the race with us. So is so awesome.


We had a great time. This race continues to be my favorite. In case you are in the area, here’s a little tip… You can take 75th Street all the way to 17th Ave NW, and park on the side streets off of 17th Ave NW. It is not a far walk and easier to leave at the end of the night.

My mom went to Fit2Run the day before to get our packets. When I arrived at her house, I went straight for the bag to check out my t-shirt. It was really awesome. Hot pink sleeveless tech shirt. Thanks Fit2Run!

I finished just slightly after my sister, we rendezvoused and gathered at the finish line to cheer on my mom. She did a speed walk most of the time, and then at the last curve she darted for the finish line. Full sprint ahead mom!!


We did better this time, my finishing time was 31:08. That is about a 4 min improvement. We didn’t end up eating at the race this time, we just grabbed a beer and went straight to our favorite Mexican joint, Mr. Tequila’s, for some deliciousness.

Do you have a certain race that you enjoy doing every year? I want to hear about it! Thanks for stopping by!



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