This morning I was expecting a 5 mile run so incredible that Morgan Freeman should narrate it. But, sometimes things don’t go to plan. It all started last night when I went to bed waaayyy to late. Which made me get up with only enough time to do a 4 mile run.

I’m cool with 4 miles. So I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door.

Then by mile 2, my stomach was getting upset, and my knee was getting angry. Yes, I could’ve pushed through the pain. But I have learned my lesson, and when the pain gets to a certain point I have to force myself to STOP. Also, I took a different route and it smelled weird, kind of like a port-o-potty. Yuck.

So my 5 mile run eventually turned into a 2 mile run and 1 mile walk… so on Monday I am going to attempt the 5 miles again.

To make up for the difference I did strength training this afternoon. I did a Brazil Butt Lift video, it was about 40 minutes. So I feel better now.

Do you have any crazy running stories, where nothing went right?


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