Foodie Weekend

Nothing like an awesome weekend! Of course, awesome weekends out of town with friends is usually filled with eating out. Which eating out all weekend always leaves you feeling bloated and unmotivated on Monday morning. I ate healthy for breakfast (my usual steel cut oatmeal with some pecans and an apple), and for lunch (greek yogurt and granola). My dinners were quite delicious but not at all nutritious.

Thursday Night- $0.25 wings at Kelsey’s on Cortez

Friday Night- Soul of Korea. This is in Tampa and my dish was delicious. Husband didn’t like his so much, but everyone at our table shared so he was happy.

Saturday Night- Chipotle… you can never go wrong with Chipotle.

Sunday Night- Tampa Bay Brewing Company… awesome beer and awesomely bad for you food.

So here we are. Even though you had an indulgent weekend. It is time to get back up and continue on your fitness journey. There is nothing wrong with having a greasy meal every once and a while. But don’t make it a habit!

I have planned a 5 mile run this evening… I hope it goes well. =D

How do you get back on track when you return from a trip?


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