Since I started this blog about 1.5 years late, I never got the chance to recap my races. So Here. We. Go.

I figure over the next couple weeks, I will recap my past races.

Race #1

Robinson Preserve Twilight 5k

March 28th, 2013

As mentioned in my Running Story, my sister was the main encouragement for running. We are on this journey together. She signed up for a 5k, and naturally I did too. We had not idea how fun it was going to be! From the moment we arrived, we knew we wanted to do many more 5ks. 5k Crazy!

5k finisher

It was an evening 5k, so the weather was beautiful! And the course was awesome too! I highly recommend this race to everyone. It was organized by Fit2Run. There was so much energy. Lot’s of music, snacks, a delicious buffet afterwards that was catered by a local restaurant, and beer!  Now that’s my kind of race.

Robinson Preserve is a 487-acre nature preserve in Bradenton, FL. It has a wonderful nature trail with 1.4 miles of boardwalks. It is also FLAT! So it is a great run for beginners.

So, the sis and I didn’t know what to expect. This was our first race, give me a break. So we arrived with plenty of time to park, use the restrooms (I think we went like 10 times), check in, do some warming up, and get situated at the start line. We had our playlists pumped and ready to go. Our nerves were jittering  with excitement. When the gun went off, we made our way to the line and off we went! By mile 0.5 I was really nervous, I started out just a little to fast and I felt myself getting tired so soon!

What the what???

So I slowed down a little and kept moving. Then before I knew it, there was mile marker 1! I couldn’t even believe it when I approached mile 2! I tried so hard to keep running but by mile 2.5 I slowed down to a walk, I was pretty disappointed. So for the next half mile I was speed walking. Bummer. Finally, I came around the corner, I could see the finish line and everyone cheering on the finishers. I mustered up my energy and dashed for the finish line. Ahhhhh what an accomplished feeling. I looked around quickly for my sis. She finished like 3 minutes before myself. We related our experiences to each other quickly and then ran over to get some food and beer. I finished at 35:15,  it wasn’t a great time. But I couldn’t have been happier. Just three months earlier I couldn’t run two minutes without stopping!

What a great day!

Have you been thinking of signing up for a race? You should! =D

Leave a comment and let me know how you felt when you finished your first race =-)


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