Hi there! I am back after a busy summer. I hope everyones summer was amazing! Good news and bad news though… Bad first, right? The Half Marathon that I was training for had to be postponed due to schedule conflicts. Bummer.

Good news… I traveled to New York City and raced in the Poland Springs Marathon Kickoff! More on this later, but you can check out my sweet time on the race page.

Let’s carry on with our 5K recaps. You can find the other recaps here.

Race #2

Island Run 5k

May 5th, 2013

This race began on a Saturday morning, my sister and I were determined and motivated. We felt like we were seasoned runners at this point (haha yeah right). Our friend Paula joined us which was awesome, and two other friends signed up to run too. Kim was inspiring to us, she had never done a race and she kicked butt! We were so proud of her when she crossed the finish line.

But to our dismay, this race was different. There were a lot fewer racers, it was through a neighborhood, and well, it just didn’t have a lot of energy. We persevered though.

I started out really strong, maybe a little to strong. But once again, by mile 2 I was getting sluggish. I did the unthinkable… I stopped at the water stop! Oh no! That really was not a good idea, I had the hardest time getting going again.

For the next last mile I was doing a run/walk. But when my sis and friend caught up to me they were cheering me on to stop being lazy and pick up the pace… so I did. =D We dashed across the finish line! I am a ham, so I did a ballerina jump across. Phew! We finished it! I completed it in 33:23, 2 minutes faster than the last race. I was so excited!

And a bonus, the sis won a prize! She got to choose between a couple of things and she chose to take a training sessions with a very seasoned runner Ellen Jones. She is a local, and has been racing for years. You go girl! After all the fun and games we treated ourselves to breakfast. YUM!

The lesson I learned: Not all 5k’s are alike. It is important to train really well because you might arrive at a race and not have the adrenaline that you were hoping would get you through. But not PR-ing doesn’t mean you are a bad runner. It just means you didn’t PR.

Question: Have you ever had any revelations after a race or learned a valuable lesson?? Post a comment!


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