5k Recap Series- Canes Classic

Good morning everyone… Rise and shine.

I am keeping right along with our race recaps… today we are recapping the Canes Cross Country Classic…


Race #3

Canes Cross Country Classic

September 2nd, 2013

This race obviously is not cross country but it is hosted by the Manatee High School’s Canes’ Cross Country Team.

We had such a good time at this race. We were looking forward to it for a lonnnng time. But it was soooo hot! Your typical Florida heat and humidity. Umm… also… we ate so much the night before and did not get good sleep. Guilty!

canes classic
Myself (695) Sister (611)

So even though we had such a good time, we did horrible! It was almost embarrassing. There was a point when I thought about throwing my chip in the river, just so I wouldn’t have to face my time. As I was running I became very nervous because a group ran passed me in the opposite direction, they were running so fast! I thought that someone fell or became injured. But then I realized that they were just lapping me… I was going THAT slow!

Despite OUR mistakes, the race was well planned and there was a lot of energy with the volunteers. I completed with a 35:03 time.. awful I know. And of course after the race we went to breakfast. YUM AGAIN!

Lesson learned: What I eat the night before, and how much sleep I get really DOES effect my running… never again will I do that.

Question: Do you have any regrets about what you did the night before a race??


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