My 1st Mud Run! Romp in the Swamp

How is everyone on this beautiful Monday?? Today is my 5 mile run, so as soon as I get out of work today… off I go. It is going to be a good one, I can feel it!

To continue our recaps we will be highlighting the Romp in the Swamp Mud Run/ Obstacle course. It was total about 4 miles. And wow! If you have never done a Mud Run, well, you should. I highly recommend it!

This race I chose to not be timed. I knew I would be so worried about getting a good time that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the obstacles. And unfortunately my sister couldn’t go  =( but I did manage to get my husband to sign up so that was a treat. And my friend Paula came too! She rocked it. I was so impressed!

The race had different start times, so it wasn’t to congested. There were a lot of different obstacles from monkey bars to hay barrels, tire flips, walls to scale over, rope climbs, mud to crawl through, rivers to wade in… so many things. I am pleased to say we did them all! I am really glad I didn’t get the chip because there were some obstacles that we had to wait in line for, so I didn’t feel the pressure to hurry.


Rope Climb
Rope Climb

Some of the obstacles were easy and some were HARD! Paula did great, me not so much.

We were filthy by the end! And we had so much fun. I can’t wait to do another one! I felt so good crossing that finish line =D

Filthy at the finish line.

Lesson learned: this race showed me all the things that I need to work on. For instance, upper body strength. Some things I couldn’t even lift. I learned what muscles I need to strengthen.

Question: Have you ever done a mud run? If so, how did you do??


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