5k Recap Series- Run or Dye

I am continuing today with  the 5k Recap Series… The reason for this series is to catch everyone up on my journey. I started blogging over a year after I started running, so I am trying to get everyone up to date with my experiences I have had through my fitness journey. This journey had a lot to do with my sister’s encouragement and motivation. So almost all of these races we have done together.

If you are just joining us now, here are past posts from the recap: Race #1, Race #2, Race #3.

Let’s get back to business… This is going to be a long post… be prepared. Btw… all the opinions below are my own. Thanks!

So, over the years themed races are increasing in popularity. Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Run for Your Lives, Rock-n-Roll Marathons, and Run or Dye to name just a few. I think it is great! I believe that some of these themed races are catching the attention of those who wouldn’t normal sign up for a race.

I am going to be talking today about my experiences with running my first color run.

Race #4

Run or Dye

November 16th, 2013

If you have never heard of Run or Dye, or are not to familiar with it, it is a 5K in which colored dye in powder form is thrown at you, around you, and above you. You also get your own dye to throw at others. Run or Dye started in 2012, and has continued to grow, even traveling to different countries.

(pic from runordye.com)

We were pretty excited when we heard about it coming to Fort Myers, FL. A friend of mine was doing it and invited us along. Well, unfortunately, my friend had to cancel last minute. So it was just my sister and I running.

We did A LOT of research on tips for color runs. What to wear, what to bring, etc… I will make a separate post about how to prepare for your first color run later.

So my point is that we were really prepared for this, and well to be completely honest… the race was a big fat disappointment. I am not saying that Run or Dye isn’t worth doing, I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying it. But it just wasn’t for me I suppose. Here is the story:

We woke bright and early and headed out to the race, the commute was about 45 minutes. The race was starting at the Lee Civic Center, I tried to look up the course map but one was never posted, oh well. The day was a little cloudy, but that’s not a bad thing.

We parked and headed over to get our bib and race packets. I was really surprised to find that the race would not be timed. I guess that is one of the things that appeals to the participants, that they can go about the course leisurely. But I was also really surprised that the shirt we received was just a plain old white cotton t-shirt. Which on the front said run or dye, and nothing on the back. The smallest size was way to big on me, and I can’t wear cotton when I run. So I wear the shirt when I paint. I didn’t really need a new painting shirt but I had to use it for something.

So the race began… I always use Run Keeper on my phone to keep track of my time and distance during the race. As we are running, we realize that we are just flying by everyone! I think we were the only people running. There were I think 4 stations that you run through where they just douse you with the powder dye, different colors at each station. Those were fun to run through, but the course itself was awful! The first mile was through this field that had cones set up to create the course. Participants were just knocking cones all over the place, and cutting through sections. It was weird. The field wasn’t even in good shape, holes all over the place.

The second half of the course was going up and down parking aisles. So yeah, that wasn’t very fun. We finally finished the race. I stopped my GPS instantly and the course was only 2.7 miles… we were cheated .31 miles. We got our things together and went to breakfast… breakfast was delicious.

I am not bashing Run or Dye, I just think that the course and packet items were not for serious participants that want to race (especially for the price). Run or Dye does not claim to be a competitive race, it claims to be the most colorful 5k. Which they are correct, it’s very colorful.

Run or Dye

That is my experience with Run or Dye, I didn’t think it was worth all the hype. Maybe it was just the city that it was in. Who knows. But either way I appreciate you stopping in and reading. Thanks!

Lesson learned: I apparently am more competitive than I thought. I was really excited to do a color run and I am glad I tried it. I’m not sure if I would do one in the future though. We will see.

Question: Has any one else participated in Run or Dye, or another themed race? What were your opinions of it? Leave a comment, thanks!


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