Good afternoon everyone!

Today is going to be a race recap, this isn’t a 5k or a 6k or a 7k, but yes! You guessed it… an 8k! It is a funny distance. Google says 8 kilometers equals 4.97096954 Miles. So we will just say it is 5 miles. They did offer a 5k distance as well.

This was a really nice race. And the furthest distance done so far. I was worried going into it because recently I have been battling with my IT band. Once I get past 2.5 miles, the side of my knee screams at me in pain! So I said I would take it sloooooowwww.


The details:

Where? Tampa, FL on the USF campus. When? May 10th,2014. Benefits? The Moffitt Cancer Center. Distance? 8k Time? 58:19

The sis and I booked a hotel room near by so we wouldn’t have to be rushed in the morning, and our mom tagged along for a little getaway. We had a group of friends that were also doing the race too. They live near by and do the 5k distance every year.

We awoke nice and early with plenty of time to spare. We ate our planned breakfast and plenty of water. Once we got close to the parking area, we hit some bad traffic, so the extra time we had quickly disappeared. We found ourselves weaving in between the parked cars trying to get the a port-o-potty and then racing to the start line. We made it just in time! Phew!


Poom! The gun goes off, and there we go!

The fantastic thing about running in Florida is that there are no hills… um well except on the University of South Florida’s campus apparently. There were so many hills (man made hills) I couldn’t believe it. So on those downhills my IT Band was NOT happy. Right around mile 4, it got so angry with me that I ended up walking the rest of the way. I was pretty disappointed. Oh well. The sis went on ahead, I wasn’t going to hold her back. So we finished and met up with our friends and had nice time talking about our experiences. I was laughing so hard because my two girlfriends were being so dramatic! One said that as soon as the race started she tripped and fell and it was awful. It turns out she just stumbled a little but never fell. My other girlfriend said she blew her knee… and obviously she did not. She was walking fine, and her knee was still in tact. Good times.

There were plenty of water stops along the way, and lots of port-o-pots set up. Also, the post race snacks were very tasty. One thing that made me sad is that the shirts were huge! I had my mom alter it for me. Thanks mom!

I would recommend this race…  😉



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