Conquering Your First Mud Run


Can you run a few miles? 3? 4 miles? That’s awesome! But… Can you run that distance in addition to flipping tires, scaling walls, crawling in the mud, and… well you get the idea…

It’s. Not. Easy.

I thought I was ready. I thought I was prepared. I thought I could DESTROY this course! I thought wrong. I thought very wrong. I survived my first mud run, but NOT like a rainbow stallion hero.


I previously posted about my first mud run here. So I won’t bore you with the details… again. The distance of the course was about 4 miles, and I had run 4 miles before, so how hard could it be? The first few obstacles were very easy, but when we got to the monkey bars… ouch! Talk about scrawny weakling arms!

IMG_0487- How to conquer

Tip#1- Work your upper body!

Scrawny Arms
Traverse Wall

Strengthen your upper body if you want to fly through some of the obstacles… who wouldn’t want that? I love running, and I love abdominal and leg workouts. I am NOT a fan of shoulder, back, and arm workouts. But you gotta do it! Start with push-ups… you can find so many “push-up challenges” on pinterest. Try doing one of them. Or incorporate the following circuit workout into your normal workout 3 times a week… And Pull ups if you can.

Tip #2- Don’t wear shorts!

Rope Climb
Rope Climb

Oh the pain! OOHH the pain! My inner thighs hurt so bad! They got so rope burnt… not fun. I would recommend capris… big time.

Tip #3- Wear fitness gloves.


This will definitely help. Your hands get rope burnt and I got a blister =( I wish I wore gloves.

Tip#4- Be Fearless.


Maybe some of the obstacles will be a little more than you can handle, that’s okay! You have to at least try to do them. For some obstacles there will be a more advanced option and an intermediate option. Go ahead and try the advanced one. If you can’t complete it then do the less difficult option. At least you tried! And imagine how you would feel if you DID complete the more difficult obstacle! The point is to not be afraid to try. No one is going to point and laugh. (Unless your best friends are next to you… they might point and laugh.)

Tip #5- Recruit as many friends as possible.


Road races are so different. You are in your zone. Focusing on your pace or your breathing. You’re not socializing or yelling… Mud runs are all about your crew. Encouraging each other to finish an obstacle, lifting your friends over a wall, sharing in this awesome experience. The more on your team, the better. Try to get all your friends to sign up with you. You can even create a Team name and dress up in costumes! People love the super hero costumes now a days.


I hope these tips prove helpful to you on your next mud run! See ya!


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