Map My Run… and bunnies!

For the last year I have been more than happy with a running trail near my home. It was perfect to say the least.

From my apartment building to the corner was the perfect warm-up. The walk gave me just enough time to loosen up a bit and then from the corner was an awesome 3 mile loop. The loop took me past lakes, soccer fields, shaded trails, boardwalks, and most importantly a bathroom. And I saw so much wildlife too! Bunny rabbits galore!

Precious little rabbit I snapped a pic of on a run.  So cute!

Beautiful White Egrets…

White Egret lurking under the boardwalk.

And check this guy out… He is a Cypress Fox Squirrel. He didn’t let me get so close.

fox squirrel
Cypress Fox Squirrel. He didn’t let me get so close.

Here is a pic I found online of the Cypress Fox Squirrel

(photo courtesy of
Awesome, right?! I also see turtles, a gator once, and plenty of weird bugs, lizards and frogs. =D

But unfortunately, we moved. So, now I can’t have the pleasure of stepping out my front door and enjoying this loop without having to hop in a car. Sad face. (you can check out my other blog for move updates… Apartment Class)

So I needed to find a new running trail and fast! My sister mentioned that I should check out Map My Run. And I am  so glad I did! It is amazing. I was able to find a little park that had a great trail just two miles away. The actually loop is only a mile so I go around it a few times, but it is shaded. Map My Run is a great place to find different trails that runners have actually been on. I plan on exploring more on the site next time I have the opportunity. Have you checked out Any suggestions on how to use it to the full… because I am all ears.

Thanks for checking out this post! Leave me a comment and let me know how you find new running paths. See ya!


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