New York City Baby

My family has had the itch to road trip up to NYC. Like any runner would do, my sister and I hopped online to see what would be a good weekend to go i.e. which weekend had a race happening.

Since we started running we always thought it would just be the coolest thing in the world to run in Central Park. I get butterflies in my stomach. We LOVE NYC, and now we love to run. The combination is mind blowing.


Perusing the internet, we found (obviously) the New York City Marathon. HAHA, maybe to watch? Running it was of course not a possibility. Then! We found that the week before the marathon, NYRR is hosting the Marathon Kick off 5 mile race, the finish line is in the same spot as the actually NYC Marathon… how cool! We signed up asap and made our travel plans around that. So exciting! We may end of taking a little time off half marathon training to get this baby under our belt. Can’t wait to run in central park!

Gotta Run… Josey


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