New York City Baby!

Welcome to the Poland Springs Marathon Kickoff! This race was just one week before the New York City Marathon. My family was planning a trip to the Big Apple and after some investigating I saw that there was a 5 mile race while we were there. Talk about awesome. This race was through Central Park, and finished in the exact location that the marathon runners would be finishing. This was highly competitive. All things considered, we did great!


Where? NYC Central Park. When? October 26th, 2014. Distance? 5 Miles. Finishing Time? 50:51 (PR!)

We did packet pick-up the day before, and it worked out well. We booked a tour at the MET, and the packet pick-up location was very close by. We had some difficulty finding the place though. We were looking for a store front, but it turned out to be in one of the residential buildings, on the second floor in a sort of meeting room. It was bizarre, but either way we found it. We were a little disappointed because our shirts were just plain old cotton tees. I think we are becoming race t-shirt snobs.

We booked a room by way of Airbnb. Airbnb is fantastic, it is easy to use and makes a great way to lodge on vacation. Our apartment was in Brooklyn, and we had to travel all the way to Central Park early in the cold, cold, oh so cold morning. My husband and I travel to NYC often so we were familiar with Subway transit and decided to take this route. This worked out great until one of trains were under construction and I was so confused as to which one to take. (I do not recommend taking public transportation to a race early in the morning, I don’t know what we were thinking.) Staring at the MTA map, we noticed a girl in running clothes.

Confused tourist, “Hi um, this might sound really weird. I am sure you are not and I am going to sound really dumb, but um… are you by chance going to the race in central park?”

Confident New York native runner, “Yeah, you can follow me.”

YES! Thank goodness we asked her. We hopped on the next train with her and off we went, the closer we came to our stop more and more runners were getting on the train. We felt at ease.

We still did not arrive with a lot of time to spare, but we arrived. That’s what matters, right? We scurried to our starting corrals and off we went! Everything was very organized. Even if they weren’t, who cares?! We are running in Central Park! I believe it was about 55 degrees when the race started. Which us Floridians are not use to, but we dressed accordingly. Neither one of us became hot nor were cold at any point.

Another thing… hills! Whoa boy were there hills. At least we expected this and prepared. I am not sure if it was the weather or the excitement of being in New York City but we did great! I finished in 50:51 and the sis was about a minute faster. That darn knee started acting up right towards the end which kept me from sprinting the last little bit. Still! It was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully soon it will be the marathon… just kidding. I am NOT ready for that.

After our race we shuffled on over to the restaurant, Serendipity, and ate some chili dogs and famous frozen hot chocolate. Yum!

See ya soon!




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