Half Marathon Training Week 9

Hello there! I hope you enjoyed the race recap last week of the NYC marathon kick off. I also hope you enjoyed the actual New York City Marathon on November 2. I wasn’t able to watch, but I caught up on all the updates. It was pretty crazy, the winds were 20+ mph, and they have to adjust the start line of the wheelchair marathon, because the Verrazano Bridge was to windy. Crazy! I was so impressed by all the finishers.

Ok, let’s get back to business… Week 9 finished up here we are.

Monday: 5.26 miles @11:37 pace

Thursday: 4 miles @ 10:18 pace

Sunday: 6.04 miles @ 11:27 pace

Total miles: 15.27 miles

So my pace still is lacking, but I am getting the runs done. That is what is important. TO actually be able to complete a half marathon you have to actually increase your miles, no matter the time. We are not going for breaking PR’s here, just want to complete the race. I did get to see some fun wildlife this week…

Gotta Run… Josey


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