We picked a race: Suncoast Half Marathon

Hi everyone.

AS you may know, a while back we decided it is time to run a half marathon (check out the post here). We started the training, it has been lack luster. I blame it on the fact that we hadn’t actually chosen a race to run in. Finally we did it, we chose the Sarasota Music Half Marathon, which is in March 2015. Perfect, we have plenty of time to get back on the training band wagon. I even took a week off of training, I just wanted to chill.

Wait… March? Wawawawait… that won’t work.

We later realized that race just wasn’t going to work… Thank goodness we slacked off and didn’t register yet. What are we going to do now???? We started our research again and found another one that would work… but it was at the end of January!!! That would give us about a little over a month to complete our training and have a week or two for tapering. (Hyperventilating over here!) What else were we going to do? We didn’t want to travel for our first half, and March is already flirting with insanely hot temperatures here in Florida, we didn’t want to go later than that. So we signed up for the Suncoast Half Marathon in Lakewood Ranch Bradenton for January 25th, 2015.

suncoast half

We womened up and said, we can do it. So we are doing it!! It will work out great too because it is closer to my mom’s house. So we can sleep in an extra like 15 minutes. We checked out lot’s of reviews and it looks really nice. Can’t wait.

Gotta Run… Josey


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