Half Marathon Training Week 11

I am so pumped right now, I can’t believe my legs are actually taking me so far. It really is amazing, sometimes while I am running I just look down at my legs and have such appreciation for the ability I have to move them in such a way. There are sadly so many people who do not have the ability to even walk, so I am trying so hard to not take for granted the fact the my body has allowed me to do this. I don’t know when a time may come when I will not be able to move them in this way, so for now I am going to give them love and appreciation. Thanks Leg!


Week 11 Wrap up stats:

Tuesday: 5.02 mile hill run @ 10:38 pace

Thursday: 3:53 miles speed work @ 9:52 pace

Saturday: 8 mile long run @10:44 pace

Total miles: 16.5 miles

I saw so much improvement this week, faster pace and longer distances. Wowzahs! I have tried to get my eating habits under control. Less sugar, stay more hydrated, eat protein after workouts. Apparently it seemed to have helped this week. Let us see how week 12 goes.

Gotta run…




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