Half Marathon Training Week 12

Buenos Dias! These weeks are just flying by now. Our half marathon is in a month! We have that nervous/excited feeling. Well today we are wrapping up week 12. This one gets interesting too…

Week 12 stats:

Tuesday: 6.62  mile hill run @11:43 pace

Friday: 3.5 miles speed work @ 11:05 pace

Sunday: 10 miles long @12:05 pace

Total miles: 20 miles

Yes… my distance blew me a way. I ran my first 10 miles. This was a big deal. My paces weren’t great, but let’s just focus on that 10 miles shall we… These miles came with consequences on my own accord… Here’s the story…

I work on Monday, in a different city that I live. We have friends/family that live in this town also. So our cousins had invited us over to hang out after work. I was unable to do my long run Sunday morning so I had made arrangements to run it Monday night. I decided to complete the run before I went to their house. When I had completed it, and drove over there I was BEYOND hungry. When I walked through that door and the scent of take out chinese food smacked me in my sweaty face, I couldn’t hold back. I chowed on that General Tsao’s Chicken like I had not eaten in days.

Mmm… so satisfying.

I knew that this wasn’t a good idea. It was to late. So when I had arrived home that evening. General Tsao started his attack. He went to war on my insides. I got so sick and ended up hurling that General up. Sorry to be so graphic. I didn’t eat chinese food for like 6 months, and I love chinese food.

Moral: Don’t stuff your face with fast food after a long run. Just don’t.

Gotta Run…. Josey



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