Just here to share another race recap, this is our first half-marathon we have ever done! It was fantastic. We had originally been planning on running in a half marathon in Sarasota, but we ran into some complications and that wasn’t going to work out. We were searching online for another one that was close by and not to far off. We found the Suncoast Half- Marathon in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Very close to my mother’s house.

Distance? 13.1 miles. When? January 25th, 2015. Where? Lakewood Ranch. Finishing Time? 2:33:02

So the sis and I had been following a Half marathon training program that I had actually created myself. There are a lot of great training plans out there but I really wanted something that specifically met my needs. I wrote it out on a piece of paper for some strange reason, and cannot find it now. I will have to rewrite it at some point and share it with you later. Sorry.

So as I am sure you can guess, the plan turned out… well… Fantastic!


It met all of our needs, and we missed a few workouts but we felt great during the training. Alright so enough of the chatter, let’s get to the race.

We stayed over at our mom’s house the night before, set out all of our gear and hit the hay early. We woke up and had our usual breakfast, plenty of water, and a little coffee. Used the restroom a million times. The temperature was a lot cooler than expected, the low 50’s, and for Florida that is rare. We were glad we had some long sleeve tech shirts to wear. We thought we had plenty of time, but had unfortunately miscalculated. We headed out and when we arrived at the race sight, it was so much later than expected! Uh oh. We both needed the port-o-potty again and there was just not enough of them for all of the participants, the line was so long. We were able to make it to the start line for when the gun went off but there were still runners in the bathroom!!

So, funny little story… We were quite nervous about this race. On the race organizers website it mentioned the race cut off time, and that you would have to keep a 16:00 minute pace to finish in time. There would be someone keeping this pace, and you had to stay ahead of her. She had balloons attached to herself, so fittingly, she was the “Balloon Lady”. I was so worried about keeping my pace. When the gun went off, and the “Balloon Lady” had crossed the start line, she was actually ahead of us. I starting screaming at the sis!

“OMG!! It’s the balloon lady! Hurry! OMG OMG OMG!! Hurry Danielle!! We are behind the Balloon Lady!”

I shot off like a crazy person running a super speedy pace. The sis calmed me down and brought me back down to an easy pace… Anyway, lesson learned. Stop freaking out about nothing.


Back to the Race… We tried to keep an 11:15 pace. And we did great, the miles were just flying by. I couldn’t believe we were already at the 6,7, now 8 mile marker. We prefer to keep a nice slow running pace, rather than do a run/walk/run method. Once we stop running we can’t start again.

There were a group of woman running together, they were doing a run/walk/run method so we kept doing that thing were they pass us, and then we pass them. (I hate when that happens). So right around mile 10, my ITB starting yelling at me again, so I had to start doing a run/walk. This slowed me down tremendously though. Very disappointing. The group of woman were getting further and further ahead of us. (We really didn’t want to finish after them, because before the race we had complimented them on what they were wearing. We said we really liked their tutus. They laughed and said, “They aren’t tutus, they’re skirts.” And then walked away. What??) Danielle and I looked at each other, and I said, “You better leave me behind and catch up to them. Do it for me!” She nodded and took off after them! She knew what needed to be done.

She was able to catch up to them, and finish the race. I kept my turtle pace going and eventually finished. We were then given our first medals, and a sweet hat. They had great food and beer (I gave the beer to my husband). We felt so accomplished that we went to a restaurant and ate lots of pancakes, then went home and took a long nap.

The Suncoast Half-Marathon was well organized, had plenty of water stops, aid stations, and port-o-potties along the way. I would definitely recommend this race and can’t wait to do it again.

Just look at those gorgeous palm trees! Heeeyy palm trees.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed our experience. See ya next time!


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