Tips for Your First Color Run

Hat and glasses

So, I have only run one color run. BUT I did a LOT of research before I did the race… So I have compiled a few tips that you may find useful if you so choose to participate in a color run. READY. SET. COLOR RUN!

1)      Wear White! Choose the right clothing, the running gear you choose in this race will greatly impact your experience. Since all sorts of brightly colored dye will be thrown on you, you gotta have a “blank canvas”, so to speak. The dye will not be as bright when you are wearing a black shirt, or any other dark clothing.

2)      Don’t wear your favorite gear. Unless it is an outfit you chose special for this race, or you have team outfits. They say the dye is washable, but I didn’t want to chance it.

3)      Wear a hat. I put my hair up under a hat (the hat was white, so it looked so pretty with the dye). I’ve heard that the dye can be difficult to get out of hair. It was difficult to get off my skin, it might be the same for hair.

4)      Spray some leave in conditioner in your hair if you don’t want to wear a hat. I also did this and the hair that did get dye on it came right out.

5)      Bring towels. You can wipe off a lot of the dye with some towels and water, and bring towels to lie on the seats of your car.

6)      Bring plastic bags.  I put any item of clothing that I removed in the bags. Shoes, hat, socks, etc… that dye gets everywhere!

7)      Bring baby wipes. Just in case.

8)      If you are bringing your phone… put it in a zip lock bag. When I say the dye gets everywhere, I mean the dye gets EVERYWHERE. Even in your shirt and shorts (don’t ask me how it happened).

9)      Bring some cash with you because you can buy extra packs of dye and other gear from the race.

And of course…

10)   Have fun! These races aren’t chip timed, so there’s no need to rush through the dye check points.  And be willing to take the dye right in the face!  Take lots of pictures!


Are you thinking of participating in a color run? You should. Also, let me know what other tips you have to add to the list. Thanks!


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