Race Recap- Robinson Preserve 10k

The gang

Hey there! So I just got back from another awesome race weekend. I will be sharing with you the highlights of my first official 10k race…

Robinson Preserve Twilight 10k

This is our third year completing this race in our family… but this time it was a little different. This year they added a 10k course! The previous years, it had only been a 5k. When we found out they added a 10k we quickly jumped at this awesome opportunity. Let me tell you this race does it right! ***Spoilers… I end up barfing***

So here are the stats:

Location: Bradenton, FL Date: 3/27/2015 Distance: 10k Finishing Time: 1:05:59 Total Finishers: 188 (very low, I’ll explain)

This is my family’s third year in a row completing this race. My mom, husband, brother, aunt, uncle, three cousins, and three friends all did the 5k. My sister and I did the 10k. So, this race has a story…

As you know the race is in Bradenton, I live in Naples. It is about a 2 hour drive. We left soooo early. The race starts at 5:30pm, I believe we left the house at noon. Plenty of time to swing by my mom’s house, grab the gang, chill a little and get to the race nice and early, time to use the bathrooms like 5 times.


The traffic was horrendous, we were stuck on the highway for hours, AND to top it off, there was an insanely massive thunder storm headed right towards the race. We were anxiously watching the weather to see if it was changing, also checking the race website for updates of whether the race would be canceled. If we were to even make it to the race!

We got off the highway and headed straight to the race, there was no time to pick up the family. So far the race hadn’t been canceled yet. The weather was BAD though, the skies were black. We kept going just hoping the race wouldn’t be canceled. Guess what…

It wasn’t! Woohoo!


We made it just in time. We parked the car, we ran to the restrooms and ran back to the start line. As soon as we got in place, the rest of the family showed up! It was perfect timing.

There were not many runners, apparently a lot of runners didn’t show because the weather was so bad and most assumed that the race was canceled. The weather was eh, it rained a bit and was very windy. Temperature was perfect though. The mud was not perfect, this course has some trails so we got a tad muddy. The race started out very nicely, I kept a good pace the whole way, I think I could’ve done better if there was any wind. Also,  couldn’t keep my earbuds in… that was annoying.


When we finally crossed the finish line, we quickly snapped a few photos of our group, drank  beer, and headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Bradenton.

When we arrived, I wasn’t feeling so hot. I went to the restroom to cool down, and yep… I was going to throw up. I couldn’t though because there were these two girls in the bathroom having a full on convo, and I didn’t want to start hurling my brains out like a fire hydrant… I did enjoy their nonsense conversation. After they left… blahhhhh! I was so embarrassed. My mom came to check on me. I felt better after getting sick. I must’ve been really dehydrated. I felt better after some water, margaritas, and a burrito. Yes, burritos, the cure to everything.


I am so glad we kept going and didn’t let the rain scare us away. I just absolutely love this race, can’t wait to do it next year!! Let me know if your in the area and are participating in this race. Go on and be that Stallion champion hero that you are!!!

Gotta run… Josey


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