How to make a runner angry and being slower than a speeding golf cart

Hello! So I’m the sister of Josey the blogger. I’m sure that many runners have very comical and ridiculous stories to tell as they stick to their strenuous training plans and meet their goals. Well, I have one, and it’s ridiculous, maybe even hard to believe.

So I live in Live Oak Florida, have you heard of it? Um no, that’s what I thought. It’s a little town with very few routes to choose for running. I live on the outskirts of the city, so I run around a retired Adventist Community that is right smack on the banks of the Suwannee River. It’s quite, safe, and I do see occasional deer (score!)

You would imagine that being with a 55+ plus crowd that has that good ole southern hospitality would be so nice and friendly, right? Well most of the time. Let me tell you how to make a runner angry….

I’m running in the afternoon….in July….in Florida….by a river with lots of buggy friends, you get the picture. I’m in the middle of mile 5, which for me is like the same as being in mile 1,000, I’m no athlete. Being that it is a retired community, everyone drives around in speedy little golf carts, zipping and zooming throughout the community. And I’m hot, like dying, and super thirsty. But alas! In the distance I see my knight in shining armor….in a golf cart, and he is holding out a bottle of water for me! It looked so cold and ready for me to chug down.So I figure, hey why not? If it’s unopened, it should be safe, right? So he slowly pulls up to me as I’m running and reaches out to hand me the bottle of water, I can already taste it,  and as I am inches away from having it in my swollen, sweaty hands…




He floors the peddle to the metal, skidding out (didn’t know golf carts could do that) and waves at me while laughing. He was so amused by himself. He probably tells this story to his fellow evil golf cart friends and they laugh as they drink cold bottles of water.

Friends and fellow runners, this is how you make a runner angry. I thought that maybe I could chase him down and let him have it, but like I mentioned before, I’m no athlete, and I’m not even fast enough to chase down a golf cart in a elderly community. Maybe I should work up a plan, like a couch to golf cart training schedule. That’s right golf cart, I’ll be ready for you next time….


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