Heat Strokes and Melt Downs – Summer Heat is Here Again!

Hi everyone it’s Josey here!

And no. It’s not summer yet. But oh my, the heat is on. Florida offers no relief from this hot, sticky, fry eggs on the hood of your car weather.

I usually take my runs in the evening. The evening times offer temperatures in the mid to high 80’s as opposed to the mid 90’s. But as a normal person, my evening workouts often get pushed to the side because other things get in the way. So this last Sunday morning I was so pumped up to go for an earlier run! And by earlier I mean 9 o’clock. Not to late, but gave me a chance to eat some breakfast, have my coffee, let my stomach settle and still get a nice long run in while it wasn’t the heat of the day yet. I also wouldn’t have to worry about other things getting in the way later in the day. Win win, right?

Lose lose. I am still kicking myself for even attempting this insanely treacherous run. I was scheduled to run only 5 miles, and I was on the brink of passing out at mile 4, I had to stop, my life depended on it. Also, I am not the biggest sweater, but I was melting, I’m talking Wizard of Oz melting. The sun was right on my head, I was even running in the grass and around bushes to find any tiny spot of shade possible. And you know it’s bad when the sweat is dripping off of you, hitting the pavement, and it sizzles.

So, what are we suppose to do? We are planning on running a marathon in the fall (Yeah I said it, a MARATHON). How are we to train in this heat?? Other people do it… but HOW??

After some thorough research (hanging out on Pinterest for a while) I found a lot of the same tips that I posted about last summer (you can read them here). But the bottom line is I need to get my lazy butt out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. There’s no getting around it.

So this coming week I will be using all my will power to get out of bed and go for a morning run. So I figured out the secret to avoiding a heat stroke on my runs, now I just need to figure out how to rise and shine on time.

Back to Pinterest!

I will be back soon to share how it went and what tips I found useful to being awake at the crack of dawn for a run.

Let me know if you have any tips for running in the heat or completing an early morning run.

See ya!


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