We are running a marathon! (Unless we die first)

by Danielle

My sister Josey and I have been flirting with the idea of running a marathon. We ran the Suncoast Half marathon in Lakewood Ranch, Fl last January and had a blast! Here is a great review of the race from a fellow blogger.  We both finished within 10 minutes of each other. My time was 2:26. Not too shabby for my first time. We finished strong and with a smile on our faces. So if we did that, a marathon is a piece of cake…….right??


Ha ha, I’m just kidding about that easy marathon stuff. You have to be a well oiled machine to pull that off. So…..

What race will we chose?

We don’t want to travel far, so we found a race about one hour from my sister’s house. The Fort Myers Beach Marathon which you can check out here….yes….must be nice and flat, right?


After registering in a furied frenzy (Josey’s hubby found a groupon offer for 42.50! Say whaaaaat??) We started examining the future course. There are 3 bridges….and you have to cross them…..twice. Yeah…so definitely not flat. Well at least we have almost 6 months to train.

So what training schedule will we use?

My sister whipped up a little schedule for us….


I moved around my running days to fit my schedule, but all the miles are the same. We are currently in week 6 which isn’t too shabby right?

RIGHT (gotcha there!)

So the next 6 months will be hard work, experimenting with fuel and hydration systems, and becoming marathon strong! We will keep you updated on our journey! Do you have any suggestions for us newbies?


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