Saturday Morning 9 mile run, and what NOT to do

by Danielle

I’m finishing up week 6 of my marathon training and today was my 9 miler, which for me is like a death sentence. But I’ve been working on positive thinking and mental toughness so pardon me for my negativityūüė¨.

So I was a good little marathon training girl and laid out my clothes the night before so my 6:00 AM run would go smoothly. But unfortunately I forgot about proper fueling before heading¬†out and had nothing to eat in the morning. I usually eat a banana but my hungry husband decided to eat them all. So I remembered that I had some apples, but my hungry husband (h.h.) ate those all too. But hey! I remembered that I had some bread, so maybe some bread with peanut butter? Nope, h.h. ate all the bread.¬†Since I didn’t¬†have any food, I ate some sugary fruit snacks which I knew was going to haunt me later.

I finally got to my running destination and was feeling pretty good. But when I got to mile 6.5 those sugary snacks came back to get me. I had the most upset stomach. But I was happy to be only a half mile away from the bathroom. But when I got there, there was like a huge tennis crew of elderly people hanging out in the bathroom! So I actually just walked for a minute and was able to calm my belly down so I could finish my 9 miler. I am happy to say I did it! And when I came home h.h. ¬†had even made me a nice little breakfast wrap, so I’ll forgive¬†him for the banana debacle. Until next¬†week Mr. 10 miler!

Here I come Boston Marathon! Just kidding!
Here I come Boston Marathon! Just kidding!

What not to do on training runs

1. Don’t get the runs.¬†

2. Plan out your morning breakfast so your h.h. doesn’t eat everything.

3. Don’t get the runs.

Do you have any morning snacks that work for you? Let us know!


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