Week Six Wrap-Up

By Josey

So as you may know… The sis and I are running a marathon. 

Funny thing, when we were training for our half marathon earlier this year we told ourselves that running a FULL marathon was just to much. We would never have that desire. Well, after finishing our half marathon we had the marathon bug and wanted more! More I tell ya! MORE! I can’t believe we actually registered. 

So anyways, i completed my 6th training week today with a niner (nine miles). And it was quite pleasant. Im not a speedster, so I kept my 11 minute mile pace and all went well. I’ve been listening to a podcast that the sis recommended, “Marathon Training Academy”.  Today I listened to an episode about pacing yourself, and it also discussed not to be so rigid with your goal time for your first marathon. Good stuff. Very informative. 

Due to extreme heat in southwest Florida, my runs have to be completed early in the day or later in the evening. So when my alarm sounded at 5:45am my first reaction was to snooze my phone (either snooze it or throw it out the window, it all just depends). To make matters worse, I slept at my cousins house and her bedroom is like a cold, dark dungeon of glorious sleep. I wanted to sleep in so badly, but I kept reminding myself of how frustrated I become when I miss my long run. It would set me back a whole week! Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I quickly ate a muffin, banana, and slirped down a glass of water and I was out the door. I bring fuel with me on any distance over 6 miles, so my chews were ready to go and I placed a water bottle by a tree at mile 2, and I would be running by that same tree at mile 7. So I was able to grab some water on the way back. When I returned, I ate another banana, a slice of quiche that was in the fridge, a glass of almond milk and I snacked on some almonds and coconut chips a little layer in the morning. I wasn’t very sore (after a nice long stretch) and I didn’t become sick to my stomach at all during the day. So not to shabby.

Bring on week seven!

Is anyone else training for a marathon? Half, 10k, 5k, or some other insane distance? Where are you in your training? I would to hear about your story!

See ya next time!


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