9 Tips On How To Take Great Race Photos And To Look Like the Stallion Champion You Truly Are! by Danielle

When running a race, one thought that may cross your mind is looking fierce in your race photos. And I know, a real runner shouldn’t be so vain and shouldn’t worry about these kinds of trivial things. But as runners, we work so hard to achieve these amazing goals! Why not have a spectacular photo to remember these milestones. So my question is…..
Do you want to look like a stunning, graceful stallion galloping to the finish line at your next race?

Or do you want to look like a frumpy sack of potatoes that just ran an ultra-marathon through the Sahara desert while grimacing in pain? (Even though it was just a one mile fun run)

Well unless you love the look of lumpy potatoes, I’m guessing you chose the stallion.
Yes, looking good in race photos is something I try to accomplish. Even though my race photos haven’t been absolutely awful, there is definitely room for improvement.
Here are some tips I have learned along the way….

1. Keep on the watch for photographers! It’s hard to spot them sometimes because you are so focused on being a champion. But try to scope them out prerace. And I’ve noticed they are usually near the end of the race which is tough because that’s usually when you look your worst.

2. Pay attention to your form. If you lose your form, your photos will most likely come out terrible. Make a mental note to keep your posture in check. This is important for running in general. Pull those shoulders back, stand straight, lift your head up, and relax your arms. I have a friend that is super photogenic but always has the worst race photos. And I think the reason is because she always looks up towards the sky, like when you are exhausted and take a deep sigh. So you might feel just fine but that will make you look like you are dying. Even though your legs and lungs are on fire, don’t show it! There is no way your photo will come out bad if you are being such a champion boss!  

This is me! Not a terrible photo but you can see how tired I am. Next time I need to relax and smile.

3. Pick out a flattering outfit. Now once again, I know this sounds vain, but really, why not wear something that makes you look and feel like you are a marathon winner? You might love that tattered cotton t-shirt with sunflowers on it from 1994, but maybe that is more suited for lounging around the house! Or better yet, for 1994. Or how about you just burn that t-shirt? Don’t even donate it to charity. I know there is a resurge of sunflower style but come on, really?…okay, sorry, back on topic… Invest in some nice tech clothing. You can score good deals at Target, TJ Maxx, Ross, Old Navy or the Nike outlet stores. When you wear a legit running outfit, you will feel legit! Now I prefer darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top, that seems to be the most flattering combo. And nothing ill fitting. This is not good for photos or even for running at all! We don’t want unnecessary muffin top in our photos when we are so busy being über champions. But even if you don’t follow these rules, just wear what makes you feel like you are running on a rainbow while eating fluffy cupcakes. Your photos will be amazing

.4. Slow down for a photo….or speed up. Now I’ve read suggestions going both ways on this subject. For me on a personal level, I find it’s better to slow down for an upcoming photo. That way I can relax and focus on having good posture. But for elite runners that are trying to win the race, there is no slowing them down! And their photos come out great since they are mid air as they are running. So just whatever you are comfortable doing, then by all means go for it!  Even walkers can be champions, take a look at this photo of some of my family… 

I’m not sure how they achieved this, but this is an amazing couple’s photo. I must study their technique…

5. Ham it up! Sometimes photographers will focus more on the silly runners. So if you really want a photo, be a ham. You can jump or prance or do whatever your heart desires. Just be yourself. And silly photos tend to be my favorite. I have family that has even tried to do a zombie walk so you know, whatever floats your zombie boat. My sister Josey has mastered this technique.

6. Get your ‘do under control! Try to keep your hair neatly pulled back to avoid wild, out of control tresses. That will keep you looking like the winner that you truly are. And having your hair under control is just good for running anyways. Mega stallion champions don’t have time to fidget with their hair while running races and getting stuff done!

7. Don’t fidget with your watch, phone, race belt, etc. Champions don’t get distracted with this stuff while taking photos! They look straight ahead at the photographer and at their champion filled future!

8. Finish the race strong! There have been times when I have finished a race and have not looked like a champion. (Even though I am, I run 10-11 minute miles, come on!) When you are nearing the finish line, keep it together! Don’t lose your focus, and keep all these tips in mind. You might barely get to the finish line and then hunch over like you are about to die and throw up the moment you pass the chip timer. Don’t do it! Seriously, don’t! You will regret it. Run past the finish line and continue going for 4 or 5 more seconds. Have you ever seen a magnificent stallion finish a race and stop instantly? Of course not! They continue to gallop to a graceful stop. Remember, you are the magnificent stallion! That way, any race photo will come out fantastic and won’t catch you in a less than stellar moment. When I first started running, I passed the finish line and then hunched over and tried to not to throw up. My husband always tells me to this very day, ” Remember that first 5k you did where you almost died when you crossed the finish line???” Yes, yes I do. And I won’t let that happen again!

9. Just smile! Smiling looks good on everyone. Your photos will look like you are just running with no care in the world. And this will relax you and will help you run better. And this is where we as humans have the edge over stallions since they can’t smile. In your face horses!

Smiling makes all the difference!
Now let’s say that you follow all these suggestions and your photos don’t reveal what a sassy stallion champion you truly are. No worries! There will be many races to come and you will eventually get a good one. And sometimes the bad ones are fun anyways. Just learn to laugh at yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with taking photos before the race when you are not so exhausted! But honestly I think these tips will bring you success…

Hopefully these tips have helped you. But if all else fails, ain’t nothing wrong with some delicious potatoes. Mmmmm……


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