“Dude, What is Your Problem? Get It Together!” A mantra I learned from a dollar store manager to get me through my runs. By Danielle

Week 9- That’s right, a good ole country boy dollar store manager in Live Oak, Fl.  I made a quick stop there on my way to work to buy ibuprofin for the aches and pains of running.

I was in line behind one customer, which I may add looked a little cooky, like maybe he owned a lot of cats or something. The manager was interrupted with a phone call and then came back a minute later to check out the customer. As he was on the phone, I observed cooky man take out $30 from his wallet and just heap it on the counter, like 30 one dollar bills just tossed all over the place, no order, nothing. When the manager came back he just stared at the man and exclaimed…

“Dude, what is your problem, get it together!”

Yes, this dollar store manager perfectly responded to the situation. This man needed to get it together.

Poor dollar store manager had a meltdown after cooky cat man left and later told me his dream of quitting and how nothing is holding him back because his GMC truck is paid off but that’s another blog post….

So I got to thinking, “Danielle, get it together!”

My past two long runs need to follow dollar store man’s advice, they need to get it together. My last 11 miler was a mess. All started out well. I left early, at 5:00 AM and headed out for my run. I ate some toast with almond butter and a banana. I even spotted a deer! So I was feeling good…until I fell within two minutes of my run. Yep, I fell. I didnt trip on anything in particular, I just stumbled. Fortunately nothing broken, but got some nice road rash on my hands, right knee, and right ankle. But guess what? I finished the run. It was difficult because my hand was throbbing and my ankle was bleeding. Wasn’t the most glorious run, but I got it together and did it.


Gotcha Mr. Deer!


who doesn’t love some road rash, am I right?

So the past Saturday was my 12 miler. This run was rough too. GI upset, horrible chafing from my sports bra, and I think I need to figure this hydration stuff out. Doing some looking around for a hydration belt or vest or whatever. At least I didn’t fall. It’s 1000000000000% humidity and things are getting serious. A friend of mine found a suggestion on Pinterest saying to apply electrical tape to the irritated areas. Just might try it.

So my goal is to find a proper hydration system that will work for me, and to get this chafing under control. So this post is dedicated to you, dollar store manager of Live Oak. I will get it together.


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