Week 10 Marathon Training- What Happens When You Are a Lazy Bones

So it’s been a while… I haven’t posted in quite a few weeks. The last two weeks I was on vacation in California (amazing). We were going mainly to do hiking and backpacking. I had such high hopes of keeping up with my long runs during the trip but I did 1 out of 3, and I squeezed in a quick run at Santa Monica Beach.

santa monica

Cross training and strength I checked off because of how many mountains we climbed. My buns were burning, this Florida girl isn’t used to those inclines.


So I managed to get my 12 miler under my belt, which felt great! I ran in Monterey, CA on this awesome running/bike path. ( Don’t mind my face in the pic… It was very early in the morning.)

Me and Monterey

The weather was cool, so it made the hills a bit more bearable. I wore a camel back that my friend lent to me for the hikes (You can see it in the pic above). I had my water bladder in it and my fuel. I was really excited to use it because I have been wanting to experiment with fuel belts recently. I really liked it, but it was difficult to reach my fuel in the back and it was a little floppy. So we will see if I decide to buy one.

Any who… we did lots of hikes which kept me active but then I missed my 13 mile run! So I devised this strategic plan to do my 13 mile run the following week and skip the 11 mile run that was scheduled… and then I missed that week! So I will be working my brain muscles in how to get back on track. I might just attempt the 14 mile run this weekend and call the others a wash. Shame on me!

So I had two weeks off of running… I should feel refreshed, rested, ready to go. But this is not the case at all! I feel so bloated, achy, my right leg is throbbing, I have no energy, the list goes on and on. There is nothing worse than missing your run. I think I’ve learned my lesson.

What happens when I am a lazy bones? Nothing good! Just pain and frustration. So You’ve been warned! Don’t be a lazy bones like me!

I am going to be writing a post very soon about some work outs I did to prepare for my backpacking trip. Stay tuned!


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