I was hog joggin’ it up! By Danielle

So I haven’t Done a 5k in about a year and was looking for something local and then I remembered a 5k I did last year, the Hog Jog!

Yes, I know, you truly live in the country when the name of a 5k has “hog” in it. The race was part of the Smokin’ On the Suwannee BBQ fest and the proceeds were donated to the local school. And it was 15 minutes from my house and only $10!! So how could I turn this hog jog down?

The race started at 7:30 so I got up at 6:15 and ate some oatmeal, drank a bunch of water, and slurped down a cup of coffee. My husband Jose is a good sport and he came to cheer me on. 

I got there at 7:10 and registered. At that point there was like two people there. Yes, this was a very popular race. A few minutes before the start, about 30 people had gotten there. And then I saw a man register his dog and even put a bib on his leash! 

So the race started around 7:40 because no one seemed to care. So then someone just yelled RUN and we did just that. 

My goal was to do a sub 30 and I got to a good start. But then I saw it.

Mr. Golden Retriever was beating me.

A dog. Mr. Dog didn’t drink a protein shake, or buy expensive running shoes, or experiment with proper hydration. He just ate his dog food and came out and just ran like the dog he was.

He was a good quarter mile ahead of me. And that’s when I knew.

I had to beat him

So I was trying to slowly catch up with him and then it happened.

A stray dog came running up and Mr. Dog lost his concentration. So the owner had to stop and that’s when I passed them up!

See ya later Mr. Dog!! ( I have no shame.)

I’m happy to report that my official time was 29:46, a PR!

 It was a dinky race but I had a lot of fun and my husband took some nice photos too. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to do smaller races and not have so much pressure looking for parking or whatever.

So I hope to do it next year with a sub 29. 

Until next time Mr. Dog….


pumped and ready to go!
check out that form!
better stick to your day job dog


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