It’s Already Been 13 Weeks?! by Josey

This post is a little delayed… I need to work on my posting regularity. We are recapping week 13… which included a 14 mile run. <biting nails>

So how did it go?

14 Mile Long Run
14 Mile Long Run

Surprisingly well. I was unsure of if I should do the 14 mile distance since I had not completed a 13 mile run, but decided that I would never make progress on my schedule if I didn’t just jump right back into where I should be. So I completed my 14 mile run! Which was a milestone, and from here on out all my runs will be milestones because the further distance I had gone was 13.1.

I really tried hard to keep up with my strength training too. I find that has really been helping with my runs (And I am starting to see a bit of muscle in my leggys). I think it all paid off! My time was so bad either. I am totally a mid to back of the packer, but this run made me think it could actually possible to complete this marathon.  Check it…

Not to shabby, huh?

This brings me to my next point… This run, like many long runs, took some well thought out preparation the night before. This is key to having a successful race. Since I left my apartment at 5:30am, getting to bed at a decent hour is extremely important! Here of some tips to preparing for your long run the night before (even the week before).

  1. Clothes. Set out what your are going to wear into a nice pile on your dresser (or floor, it doesn’t matter where). Your stack of clothing should consist of:
  • Running shorts/capris/pants
  • Running top
  • Sports bra (for the ladies of course)
  • Rundies (running underwear)
  • Socks
  • Running shoes
  • Headband or hat (optional) and a hair tie.

Something to think about ahead of time is make sure your clothes are clean the DAY before, so you are not rushing at the last minute to throw stuff in the wash. And you do NOT want to run in dirty clothes..ewww.

  1. Accessories. You also want to gather up your running accessories and place them in a designated spot. These items can include:
  • Arm band
  • Headphones
  • Watch
  • Sunglasses
  • Reflective/flashlight (If running in the dark)
  • Running belt or camelback.

Now I can deal with not being able to find my socks or other item of clothing because I have multiplies of them, so I just grab a different pair. But not being able to find my sunglasses, or frantically running around the house trying to find my armband is just a no go for me.

  1. Fuel. Prepare your fueling plan the night before. This is one of the “think about earlier in the week things”. If you go in your cabinets and you ran out of Gatorade, Gu or gummies, well, unfortunately you’re going to have to get creative because every store is going to be closed at this hour. So when you do your grocery shopping make sure you buy some running fuel, or order a butt load off of so you’ll also have some in stock. My fueling for my long runs at this point are something like this:
  • Two packs of Gu energy gel in Chocolate Outrage, and one pack of Pro Bar Energy Chews. I also take along with my some fruit snacks, just incase.
  • Fill up your water bottle. I usually carry like 16oz of watered down Gatorade. Some people carry two smaller bottles and alternate from drinking an electrolyte drink and water. I just mix it together and my body is happy.

Put these things in your running belt or camelback the night before so you can just grab and go. But also, don’t forget to set out your breakfast to eat before (if you eat breakfast before). I usually do half a bagel with peanut butter and honey on top. And if you will be needing to head out the door right after your run, it is extremely helpful to prepare that food before. Mine second breakfast usually consist overnight oats and some greek yogurt, and a banana if it is not rotten yet.

  1. Health/toiletry items. This may seem funny, but you gotta think about it. There are some items that I am going to categorize them as health… These consist of:
  • Making sure your toenails are clipped… I have toe problems, (including bruised toenails, I will discuss treatment in another post, after I figure out a treatment) so I put this tip at high importance. Long toenails can cut the side of your other toes, and rub on the front of your shoes and cause bruising and bleeding.
  • Have your athletic tape or braces ready to apply in the morning.
  • Set out your body glide. Or petroleum jelly, it works just as well. This helps with chafing.
  • Burt’s Bees Chapstick- I apply this when I am about to leave the house. My lips always get very dry.
  • Take some ibuprofen if necessary before your run. I try not to do this but sometimes you just gotta.
  • Set a big glass of water on your night stand, drink it as soon as you wake up.
  1. Wake Up! Don’t forget to charge your phone/ipod/watch whatever. And set your alarm!!!! You can prepare all the things listed above but they are useless if you don’t wake up and run.

I Hope these little tips are helpful, let me know if have any others to add. Thanks for checking in!

Here is a helpful little checklist for you to pin and print =D



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