Week 14 Completed with Less Toe Nails Than Before

By Josey

Danielle and I finished up week 14. Once again we hit another mile marker! 15 miles are under our running belts… (actually it isn’t under my running belt, because I don’t have one) We did uh-may-zing.

I, unfortunately, am running (no pun intended) into a problem that is quite common to the running world… bruised toe nails. I would take a picture and show you, but I painted them a nice pretty color so I wouldn’t have to look at my bruised little babies.

This is the first time I have experienced this. On my first 12 mile run a few weeks ago I got one bruised nail, didn’t hurt at all. But sure was ooooglay.

On my 14 mile run, that same toe got a little worse…

Then on this past 15 mile run, the same toe nail started lifting, and I received 3 more black toe nails. Which these little piggies hurt!

I did a lot of research and even went to my local run store “The Run Shoppe” where I bought my shoes and they gave me some shoe tips… They said that my shoes seem a little small, I could stand to go up a half size. They mentioned that most likely they seem small because my feet are swollen due to increase in activity and that it is so disgustingly hot and humid here in SWFL. They also showed me a way to tie my laces, in which it will pull my heal back and cause less rubbing on my precious little toes. The people there are awesome…

I also ready to soak my feet in peppermint tea, which I have been doing… I can’t say whether it is helping or not. But it does feel oh so soothing. I have also been putting on triple antibiotic just in case they decide to get infected. I like Jeff Galloway’s article on the black toenail plague. Read it here.

I will keep all you readers (like 3 of my family members) updated to the wellbeing of my tootsies.

Even though it is pretty disgusting and I do NOT want to lose a toenail… I feel like a runner! I have few beginner runner friends and I find myself showing my ugly toes off to them. And then they say that I am crazy…

I am crazy

Oh the good ole days
Oh the good ole days

Yes, yes I do remember


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