Week 18-Sweltering Humidity Makes Me Question My Sanity (and a bonus running belt and bottle review!!!)      by Danielle

It is no easy task to train for a marathon during the Florida summer. Being that it is too hot to run in the evening, my sister and I having been dragging ourselves out of bed at 4:30 AM.


We have now officially completed a 17 mile run. How did it go? Not that great. I tried to take it slow with a 11:30-12 minute pace but found I was fading fast. The humidity is enough to drown you at this time of year. I took walking breaks and averaged a 13 minute mile which is quite slow for me since I can average a 9:30 minute pace for a 5k.

I woke up at 4:15 AM and made myself a breakfast fit for a champion. I had overnight oats, a banana, water with a Nuun tablet, and a cup of coffee.

hey cute little deer!
I’m hoping that since the marathon is in November that maybe the humidity won’t be so overwhelming. We’ll see…

Here’s the bonus belt and bottle review you have been waiting for!!!!!!!!!

For hydration, I have been using a combination of a running belt and water bottle. The belt I’m using is the Fitletics double pouch running belt. I can’t really compare the belt to other ones since it is the first one I have used. I’m pleased with it and only have to occasionally adjust it on my run. I wear it low on my hips and am able to put my snacks, keys, driver’s license, chap stick, phone, and whatever junk I want to stuff in there.  Now the water bottle I’m using is the Simple Hydration Water Bottle. It is a really awesome product and is working really well for me. The shape of the bottle makes it easy to slip in the waistband of your shorts or running tights. I put it in the back of my belt against the small of my back. It is easy to drink from while running and I haven’t had trouble using it. It holds 13 ounces so I occasionally stop and fill it up at a drinking fountain.

check out my fancy fanny pack!
don’t be fooled, I do NOT have a thigh gap.
 So my sister and I will continue forward and try not to melt into a puddle before the marathon.


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