Marathon Training Week 20

This is a week never to forget! I hit my 20 mile mark. It is very surreal, and with my current circumstances, I really need this. I also can’t believe I was able to do it.

So for the last week I have packed up my house, and have sold a lot of my furniture. In addition to wrapping up my job. I will be gone for two months, I will still have my job when/if we return but I needed to tie up all loose ends and make sure my friend that is filling in for me is all set. I am also moving tomorrow. So the fact that I did this run today is momentous. I am also very sore and hungry now. So hopefully I will not be to achy for our move. For the next week we will be living with my aunt and uncle, and then class starts Monday. I CAN NOT wait. Any who lest get to it.

FullSizeRender(1) copy

Week 20 wrap up:

Thursday: 7 miles@ 10:53 pace

Saturday: 20.03 miles @12:24 pace

Total miles 27

I got off to a about an hour later start than I wanted and it took me 4 hours to complete this run so it was blazing hot by the time I returned. But it actually happened, 20 miles. For the next two months until the marathon, I am going to do my best to keep up my training, and do as many long runs as possible to try to maintain my current endurance threshold. It will be difficult but at least I completed the 20 miles, so I know that I can complete the Marathon. I will keep every one updated during the next few weeks.

Gotta run… Josey


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