Our Marathon is One Week Away

Hey! It’s been a while. Last we spoke, we had completed Week 20 of Marathon training which included our first 20 mile run. These last two months, I have been diligently studying, and giving everything I can to the school my husband and I are attending. I have been able to keep up running while here. The longest run I have done is a 10 miler and an impressive 16 miler. I found some really amazing running trails, and some amazing friends that also enjoy running, so many runs we ran together. Here are a some of photos to get you back up to speed…


Beautiful trails right along the beach. Breathtaking. You will be happy to know that the marathon is next week, and we are running in it. We booked a hotel room in Fort Myers very close to the start line. We are driving there Saturday after class, and right after the marathon we are driving straight back up here. I do not want to miss a day of class. Fort Myers Marathon here we come!!!!! Count down begins… November 8th, 2015.

Gotta run… Josey



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