Disney Princess Weekend Part 1

This post was going to be a bit long so I split it in two.This first Part will be everything up until the actual race…

This was our first time ever running in a runDisney event. The sister and I are not particularly Disney fanatics, but we do love a good run. Our friend really wanted to run in it, so we signed up for her mainly.

So let me just start off by saying this race is insane, absolutely nuts, and the runners are pretty crazy themselves.

You need to have a costume. You don’t have to have one, but you will feel like a big dummy if you don’t. After much research we went for the Cinderella look. Not the traditional look though. Our friend was Cinderella in her cleaning/house attire, and we were Jaq and Gus, the mice.

Me in the works of making my ears and hat.

We did our costumes pretty cheap, and focused on comfort.

We booked a hotel for two nights.The first day we got there, we hit up Disney itself.

I was pretty impressed with the PDF we received by email with all the guidelines and event information. It was on point, and had every detail you could think of. Nice work Disney. Here are some of the maps included in the guide…

Second Day was the expo! From the hotels, there are buses that take you to the expo and packet pick up. When we got there we jumped in line to pick up our bibs. My sister and I had forgotten to enter in our estimated time. We weren’t to concerned about it, we ended up in corral “P”. Everyone around us said that’s horrible, you have to get it corrected because it will take you forever to start. So we went over to the customer service area, we pulled up some past finishing times and ended up in corral “F”. The lady took a little sticker and placed it onto our bibs. Perfect. Done and Done.


We then made our way to the expo, you could spend all day at the expo! Here we picked up our t-shirts. Shopped around a little bit, all the clothes are expensive, but there are some cool things to check out. My sister bought a pair of socks, and my friend bought a magnet. We stopped by the Jeff Galloway booth, and got to meet Jeff Galloway!! He signed our bibs and everything!

FullSizeRender(1) copy 3

There are also some areas where you can pose for some pretty fun pictures, like this finish line:


By the time we finished to expo, we were starving. We took the bus back to the hotel room, dropped off our stuff and made our way over to Epcot for some delicious food. We went to one of the non sit down Mediterranean restaurants. We had some delicious pita, hummus, tabbouleh, and fallafel.

We headed back to the room early to get our things ready for the next morning, and get to sleep nice and early.

So here is the kicker… This is no ordinary race. In the morning, you have to take bus transportation to the race. And the LAST pick up is at 4:00am. Yes you heard right! The very latest we could leave our room in 3:45 am in order to get to the buses on time.

So we went to bed at 8:00pm, and I am quite certain we all just laid there with our eyes open for a couple hours before anyone fell asleep.

When the alarms went off at 3am, we grumpily got out of bed and got in our costumes.  We used eyeliner to draw on our nose and whiskers. We came well prepared with breakfast, we brought our own toaster, bagels, cream cheese, and bananas. YOM YOM YOM. We made some coffee in the room too. We got our non-running friend to take a picture of us before we left for the buses.  She begrudgingly woke up to do so.


We made our way down to the buses and took the 15 minute trip over to the starting line. I was wondering the whole time why I paid nearly $200 on registration to do this…

They are just dumping runners into the parking lot by the bus load. There are port-o-pots here, with insanely long lines. You then have to walk roughly about a mile, to your actual corrals. At every corral there is an attendant checking your bibs to make sure you are going to the correct corral. No cuts people!



Obviously, it was still dark outside. But they had music playing, and the race announcers were pumping everyone up. Finally the gun went off… find out the rest in Part 2!





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