Disney Princess Weekend Part 2

Hi I am back for part 2 of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Recap…  You can find part 1 here if you need to catch up. Also, check out the registration mayhem here.


Where were we? Oh yes, so we are in our corral. The gun goes off for the first corral, then corral B, C, D, E, then F! Off we go!! So, I had mentioned that someone said to me that if you are in the back corrals, it will feel like a life time until you start. I now totally understand what they mean.

It was quite congested for the majority of the race. Nothing to exciting was going on for the first two miles, but then we came open the Magic Kingdom entrance, we took a couple of pictures.


Then we finally entered the park. There are sections were spectators can pay, and be the cheer squad. They are cheering on their friends and family. It was also pretty motivating for myself. We cam into the park an back entrance through Tomorrow Land, came up Main Street and right in front of Cinderella’s Castle…


Then to right, around back of the castle. Throughout the race there are characters that you can take pictures with, but the lines are looooonng. We didn’t want to waste all our time standing in line, so we kept on going. It felt like we were in and out of Magic Kingdom in a jiffy.

From here up until about mile 11, there wasn’t to much going on. Just trying to motivate our friend to keep going (this was her first half marathon). There was a point around mile 10 where we were singing and dancing to her to keep her from giving up, that was really fun but it was wearing me out, FAST.

It was pretty entertaining checking out everybody’s costumes. Some were very impressive, and some looked really warm. Other costumes were just basic, and not very original. Then there was our awesome Jaq and Gus duo costume! I didn’t see any other Jaq and Gus costumes, so that made me happy.

Mile 11 we entered Epcot, ran passed the Spaceship geosphere. Epcot had lots of spectators! We ran through the park, passed the geosphere again. Then before we knew it there was the finish line!

When we crossed the finish line, they gave us our awesome medals! We made our way over to the snack table, they gave us the pre-packed snack boxes with some goodies in them. Our friends and family found us and we took some pics.

We then made our way back to our buses, headed to the hotel to get refreshed…

Over all, I had a blast at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. It was insanely well organized, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. Would I do it again? I am not sure. It was quite expensive and exhausting. The starting time is just so dang early.


I do think that everyone should do a runDisney event at least once. So if you haven’t done one yet… what are you waiting for???



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