Disney Race Registration Mayhem

Good afternoon faithful readers…

I thought this would be an interesting topic for a post. I have read many experiences of RUNNING in a Disney race, and the chaos and stress that comes with it. But I had never imagined how stressful registering for one would be.

Well, my sister, a friend, and myself ran in the Disney Princess Half Marathon earlier this year. For most races I may sign up a couple months in advance, some races I have shown up and registered the day of the race. For this Disney race, we had to register in mid July for a race that wasn’t until the end of February! These races are a big deal, thousands register and many more aren’t able to due to registration filling up. Craziness!

So here is the story, a good friend of mine wanted to start running. I felt really good when she asked me for some pointers. She is a BIG Disney fan, and it was an absolute dream of hers to run in a Disney race. So when she asked me and my sister to register with her, I was excited! Also, I was really hesitant, because…

1. The cost

2. The start time

3. The cost

Yeah, for just the race it was $175. This does not even include admittance into a Disney park, hotel,  food, nada.

In regards to the start time… The gun went off at 5:30 AM! We had to be at the buses at 4:00 AM to be able to make it in time. Which meant that we would be waking up somewhere in the 3 AM hour ( I have a pre-race routine to stick to ya know?)

Either way I decided I wanted to take on the challenge, I wanted to sign up with my girls. I just needed to convince the hubs. I was able to convince about 1 minute before the registration opened up.

So since my Disney Fan girl friend has Annual Disney passes she was able to sign up about two weeks earlier, she was guaranteed a spot. And then later it is open registration for us non-pass holders. Mind you that these races fill up within hours. So we had to be ready at our computer for this… Ever buy tickets for a Backstreet Boys concert? Yeah it kinda felt like that.

So noon time is rapidly approaching, I am at my computer, my sister is at hers. My fangirl is anxiously hoping we are able to register.


12 o’clock hits and…


The registration website must have been so overloaded because of all the people trying to register! Nothing is responding, then the site starts crashing over and over again. Panic is starting to set in. My fingers are frantically typing and clicking. Nothing is happening. My sis tells me she got through and then it crashed again. I had never experienced this before, why wouldn’t disney have the ability to handle this kind of traffic on their website?

My sister-in-law and her friend were able to sign up no problem, but that was for the 10k, not the half.

30 minutes have already passed and still no registration. Fangirl friend was anxiously texting me for an update. And then finally! It worked! I was able to get through to the registration page, every click being made in panic, hoping the site wouldn’t crash again.


We successfully were registered for the disney princess half marathon!

So, if you decide to sign up for anything rundisney, be prepared for a little bit of stress. Be ready at the moment registration opens up. Do NOT put it for the next day. Be at your computer or tablet waiting for the clock to strike. Be calm and relaxed, and if you don’t make it into the registration, there’s always next time.

More to come about rundisney… Here’s a taste…


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