Attempts to More Frequent Runs

Good afternoon everyone!

This is the first really hot day in a while. It made for a sweaty run. I am sorry for everyone up north that is suffering from snow/ice storms, so I won’t talk to much about this heat.

This is my second week working with my husband, and not at Whole Foods Market. I can already see that I need to start running more frequently, because with this line of work we are doing (computer networking) I am doing a whole lot of sittin on my biscuit. I have a fear of becoming sedentary! I am usually on my feet all day, by 2PM I already have like 15k steps in. So even if it is shorter runs, it’ll be better than nothing.


So I did just a two mile run and it felt really good. Now I am going to buckle down and get some studying done while doing some laundry.

Gotta run… Josey


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