First Time to a Pilates Class

Hi there! Thursday’s I usually attend a “Chisel” class. It is a full body work out, and I had recently graduated to using 12lb weights. Woohoo! When the new year started the schedule change, Thursday evenings are now Pilates…  I don’t do Pilates! Ugh no way. Well, I decided to give it a shot. I thought if anything it would help with flexibility.


There are two Pilates classes back to back, 30 minutes each. Last week I only had time for one. Tonight I did both. It wasn’t difficult at all for me to do the exercises, but it definitely made my stiffness quite manifest. The slow movements were a lot for me to get use to. I am usually all about fast movements and HIIT workouts. Slowing it down proved difficult for me.

All and all I think I will keep going. It was targeting muscles in ways that I don’t usually feel. There was a woman next to me, and I was admiring her. She was so flexible and strong! I spoke with her after the class, turns out she is an instructor for ABsolution  and a kick boxing class. She was super sweet.

Do you regularly attend any Pilates Classes? Let me if you have any tips.


Thanks. Gotta run.. Josey


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