Staying Active: Vacations

Greetings everyone from Tennessee. My husband and I are in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area for a reunion. It is a beautiful area, even with these devastating wild fires, the local residents seem to be bouncing back and keeping a positive spirit.

So today I want to share a few ideas on how to stay active during a vacation. Vacations vary as to where you are and the reason for the trip. You can always find a way to stay active! So, this particular vacation was near the Great Smoky Mountains. SO BEAUTIFUL!


Here are a few ways I was able to stay active:


The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is FULL of hiking trails! It is also free to enter the park, SCORE! So, take advantage of those trails, you will get a full body workout. Keep up the pace and go for a moderate-strenuous hike to keep your heart rate elevated. You’ll be rewarded with an awesome workout and breathtaking views of these gorgeous mountains. We decided one day to do an 8 mile hike from Newfound Gap to Charlies Bunion, this was a moderate+ hike. We completed it in about 4.5 hours (we took a few detours, and photos). Another bonus was that there are many trails that are part of the Appalachian trail (including Charlies Bunion), so we were able to reach a goal of hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.).


Trail Running

South Florida terrain is not much of a place for trail running. If you are in an area with trails right outside your cabin (or other accommodations), take advantage of a morning trail run. You will find the crisp clean air so refreshing, and the views and little critters you see will give you much to talk about. You don’t need to make it long, you are still on vacation ;-D.

Outdoor Pilates

Take your yoga mat and go outside to enjoy some stretching while listening to the birds wake up in the morning with the sun. Start you day off right, so you can enjoy that hearty pancake breakfast guilt free. We stayed in a cabin that looked out on a little lake. I laid my mat down on the porch and enjoyed the calming view.

Group Activities

If you are with a large group of people, most likely when they hear that you are going for a run, they will be interested in going with you. Although, it may seem that they may slow you down, don’t discourage others from being physically active also. Why not arrange for a group run just around the neighborhood. Everyone can still spend time together while getting some exercise.


Those are just a few ideas if you are headed to the mountains but don’t want to get too lazt while you’re relaxing.

What do you do to stay active while on vacation?? Let me know!

Gotta run… Josey



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