The ONE Thing You Need to Get That Stank Out of Your Running Clothes

Good morning everyone! Do you ever have those certain sweaty articles of clothing that are just so stinky, and you can’t get the smell out?? Look no further, you found the right little corner of the of the internet…


Today’s post was inspired by a conversation I heard while at the Naples Half Marathon a few weeks ago. This is something I have always used and I thought everyone knew about it, but apparently this is not the case. Here is the scenario:

…Sometime around 6 Am outside a port-o-potty…

(Two runners having a conversation around me)

Runner 1: “My clothes are so stinky.”

Runner 2: “Mine too! I can never get that sweat smell from my clothes.”

Runner 1: “I know. Nothing works!”

Me: “Have you tried ______?”

Runner 2: “No. Does that actually work?”

Me: “OH Yeah.”

The End

Did you like my story? I am sure you did. So! The ONE thing you need to get that stanky stank out of your sweaty nasty gym clothes is….


Yep. Vinegar!!!!

I thought everyone knew this. When I was eavesdropping on other’s conversation,  I realized some people don’t know. They are trying to just use laundry soap to removed the stank, or paying more money for “fitness clothes laundry detergent”, WHAT? Vinegar is so cheap, and I use it for so many things.

Why hello gorgeous.

You can wash your gym clothes with other clothing items, and just add the vinegar to that too. My husband and I have enough sweaty clothes that we just do a medium size load of it. Add detergent like you normally would, and add in about 1 cup of vinegar to your load. I just add it to the wash cycle.

  • No, your clothes will not smell like vinegar.
  • It will not damage your clothes at all.

That’s it! No more stinky gym clothes! Is there anything that you have found works good or better that vinegar?

Gotta run… Josey


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