Fartleks… Say what?

Oh Monday. The start of a new week. Hopefully this week I can stay to a better workout schedule and a healthier eating plan. Last week was another unsuccessful, “I am going to get it together this week” week.

I started my morning off with some fartleks. What are fartleks?


Hehe, fart means speed in Swedish. I don’t enjoy doing speed training, nor am I any good at it. But with not to much time to spend, this was a good option.


I was having every sort of issue in the book today. GI distress, the top of my foot was throbbing from a weekend Jumbo Jenga incident, and it was So. Hot. But I did it, just about a 25 minute workout. Hopefully it will pay me back later. I made a quick lunch, sausage with some scrambled eggs, and an avocado.


After I ran some errands, I got home and made some Fartlek Chili!!!! Probably not what you’re thinking. This is another recipe from the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook. It is one of my favorites!!! I made it with grass fed ground beef, and it is full of protein, veggies, and loaded with delicious spices. It is sure to give you all the energy you need to get through your fartleks. To bad I didn’t eat it yesterday.


If you haven’t yet bought this cookbook. You must! Runner or not, the recipes are amazing, and easy! Here is a link to purchase it. You can also get it on kindle or ibooks.

Gotta Run… Josey


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