NASM CPT Study Progress

Hello all. Just checking in to give an update on hour studying for my personal trainers certificate through NASM is going…


Well, I think it is going pretty good, I created a study schedule but quickly fell off that band wagon. I didn’t go about it very well. I based it on chapters, but what I didn’t realize was how long I would be stuck in chapter 3!! AHHH! Chapter 3 is all about biomechanics and the human movement system. It was quite complicated and LONG! Oh, and the vocabulary words… don’t get me started.


So far I have found a system that works for me, I read the chapter, take notes as I go in my notebook. I write any vocabulary words on an index card to add to my flashcard collection. I try to understand as I go. If there is a point I really don’t understand, I mark it and keep going. Then when I complete that, I go to my online account. Watch any video lectures that pertain to the chapter, take the practices quizzes (I may take a few of them, if the info isn’t sinking in). Then I move on to the next chapter.


I plan on occasional returning to previous chapters and completing the practice quizzes, to keep the information fresh in my mind.

I will keep you updated on how this strategy is working… For now … Back to the books!

Gotta run… Josey


2 thoughts on “NASM CPT Study Progress

  1. You got this! NASM is a great organization to get your CPT through! I have the same process for studying. Also, watching youtube videos on the topic your studying helps A TON. I’ve been debating getting my CPT. I have my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology emphasis in exercise science so it counts at most gyms if I ever want to work part time as a PT at a gym again (horrible experience doing that though: beware of Fitness Evolution !)

    ❤ Nikki @


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