Friday Morning Spin Class

Gooooood morning! (I am saying that like Oprah by the way)

It is early early and I have already completed my workout for today. That’s right! I recently started going to LA Fitness, and they have early morning cycling classes. Which is just fantastic because I really enjoy cycling classes… I am I feel good when they are over, during the class I kind of hate it. The class starts at 5:45 am and is about 50 minutes. I did it this passed Wednesday and the week before. Today I added about 20 minutes of a core and arm workout after the class.

There was a different instructor today, and WOW he was good. My legs were like jello afterwards. He was really good at giving direction and switching things up, each song felt like something completely new. He really got me motivated to push harder. The instructor on Wednesday really lacked something. She doesn’t give much direction at all and each song is the work workout… maybe she will change it up.

So I am going to start incorporating this cycling class on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Hoping I can get my lazy butt out of bed that early. I even get home from the gym before the sun comes out. My sister has also been doing really good with her cycling classes, this will definitely be helpful for both of our running routines.

By the way, it was so early, so I just grabbed myself a sweet potato breakfast cookie that I made from the book Run Fast Eat Slow. It was the perfect pre cycling class breakfast!


Does anyone else participate in some kind of cycling class? Any tips?


Gotta Run… Josey


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