Cardio HIIT Killer


How you doin??

Me? I am fine thanks. A little out of breathe from this insane Cardio HIIT workout that I saw on Instagram. But ya know, I’ll recover.

Oh you want to know which workout?

So I saw it on Julie Fagan’s Instagram post @pbfingers. Her blog is awesome and I do a lot of her workouts that she creates. They kick my butt every time. This particular one can be found here.

This workout had me sweating in seconds. Jump squats are killer!!

I have really felt “out of shape” lately. Whatever out of shape means, it is different for ever body I suppose. I do not feel as strong as I did a few months ago. I know why though… a few months ago I was training for a Spartan Super. I was training like a beast, to bad I wasn’t doing a Spartan Beast. HAHA! That wasn’t very funny… sorry. So even though I am not training for an event at this moment, that doesn’t mean I can’t push myself and build up some muscle again. Bring it on tricep push ups!


Let me know if you try the Cardio Hiit workout that I mentioned above! Also, do you ever feel like your falling into a slump?? How did you motivate yourself to get out of it?

Gotta run… Josey


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