Run for Music 10k Recap


Last week I remembered that last year I ran the Run for Music 10k. I totally forgot that I wanted to run it this year too. Even though I did it all by my lonesome, I had a blast and I got a PR. When I checked to see when it was, I was shocked to find out that it was just two days away. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it because of a prior appointment, so I didn’t register until the morning of.


I love this 10k because you get a medal! Last years medal was nicer but I love hanging anything new on my medal display. I also love it because they have really nice indoor bathrooms you can use.

So here is the low down.

I arrived at around 6:45 am, registers, got my tee shirt and bib. Actually had a few minutes to do some warm ups… so I did them. I stretched too. Usually I am to lazy for that.

The proceeds of this race benefit different music programs for youths. So there were some of the youths performing. They had a drum line that brought us out to the start line. Very cool!

Once the we started, it was very congested for a good half mile. I also saw a gorilla playing the harp.


Once the congestion was down, I tried to maintain a 9:15 pace. I think I went out to fast… At about mile two my throat was feeling so dry so I grabbed some water at the aid station and that helped a lot. Once we got to mile four my IT band started getting tight so I slowed down quite a bit. I knew I was going to get a PR so it didn’t bother me to much that I needed to low down. I also was very unprepared for this race. I got to see the harp playing gorilla again.

Once I got through the finish line. I instantly receive an automated text message from the race with my finishing time. Also, very cool! I was a little bummed that I was over an hour. womp womp womp.

Some volunteers offered to take some photos for me, and then I grabbed some water and headed home. It was a good day.




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