Last Weeks Work Outs

Last week was interesting. I was feeling really burned out. I just absolutely did not want to run, at all!

FullSizeRender(1) copy

So I decided to just rest those days. I found that a local gym had a Body Pump class, and I have always wanted to take a Body Pump Class. It was on Thursday morning so I went in early and it was canceled!! Something was wrong with the stereo system, so they canceled the class. =( I did a nice strength work out in place of it. The next day I decided to sign up for a local 10k that was on Saturday. That turned out to be loads of fun! You can read the recap here.


So here is a glance of last weeks work outs:

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Off

Wednesday- 30 minute core workout

Thursday- Body Pump 1 hour Strength work out… focused on upper body.

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Run for Music 10k!

Sunday- Chill

So not a very intense work out work. But sometimes you need to just relax. Ya feel me??



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