What Gear Should You Use for Your First Spartan Super

I am going to start by saying I am in no way an expert on Spartan  Races. I have currently only run one Spartan Super. I will say that I did a lot of research going into it, and I was really satisfied with the gear I used.img_6802

This race was just the funnest race in the world. I was totally surprised with myself, I do feel that the gear I chose was a great choice. So buckle down and keep reading…



This is what I wore: Black quick dry fitted racer back, black quick dry fitted shorts that went to to right above my knees (so scandalous, showing off my forbidden knees). Spartan buff you receive at check in, I wore as my head band. Black quick dry socks. Quick dry and comfortable undies, and my most comfortable sports bra. No cotton!! <— That one’s for real.


I was trying to be frugal (fancy would for cheap-o) here. I really wanted the official spartan All Terrain shoe from Reebok, but those were a few pretty pennies. Totally worth it I’m sure, but I just did not have the extra money to purchase them. You may want a more minimalist shoe, meaning not to much support, lighter weight, and has flexibility. Get a shoe with good grips on the bottom and the arch. Trail shoes are a good choice or even cross fit shoes would work well. But don’t just resort to an old retired pair of shoes, you still need good support and comfort.

Asics Gel-Fortius TR

I went out hunting for a pair of shoes and I found a nice pair of trail shoes at Asics. The Gel- Fortius trail. They were super on sale too. I bought them and took them for a few trail runs to test them out. Seemed comfortable, good grip, and didn’t give me blistered. They were brighter than I wanted, but then got black and muddy almost instantly.


I think this was the most worrisome for me. Should I bring water or just rely on the aid stations? Bring a belt or a pack? How big of a pack? Will it end up getting destroyed or get in my way?

Well sometimes, you just have a make a decision and then stop whining about it. So, I went for a hydration pack. I have been wanting one for a while now for hiking, so this was my chance. I bought the CamelBak Rogue in black. I used a two liter bladder, and it was perfect, you can always opt for a larger one too. The Rogue even has some secure pockets, so I put some gummy snacks in those.


The Only time I felt that it got in my way was for the wire crawl, but I just took it off and pulled it along with me. No biggie. I was glad I brought it, because after certain areas, or after I did 30 burpees, I was needing that water ASAP!

Other Items.

I wore gloves. I will wear gloves again too. The gloves I bought fell apart though. Next time I’ll buy a better pair. They did help me though. My hands get so torn up! There were times when I gave them over to my sister. Sharing is Caring.

I did bring my my phone. We packed it in a few zip lock baggies and it survived perfectly fine. We were required to wear our timing chips on our wrist’s, and our numbers were on our buff, but we also wrote them on our arms. There is a little booth by the starting line where some volunteers hang out with sharpies that help you with that. img_6814

What Would I Change?

I would certainly wear pants that covered my knees and maybe even that covered my ankles. It isn’t necessary, but the rope climb really tore up my ankles. and the tyro-lean tore up my lower thighs and the back of my precious knees. Don’t get me wrong, I loved showing off my battle wounds. But if you don’t want rope burn, then you may want to think about covering those gorgeous legs.

That’s pretty much it. Not as complicated as you would think. Actually, you don’t really need much… I saw a man in just a speedo. The main things I would emphasize is no cotton, and where a comfortable shoe. Let me know if you have any questions about gear, I would love to help you out!




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