Robinson Preserve Twilight 5K

Why hello there! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was jam packed, but today I am going to recap one thing that was noteworthy. Drum roll…

The 9th annual Robinson Preserve Twilight 5k/10K!!


The past two years we have done the 10K, but this year, we just felt like running a 5k. It has been years since we have raced in a 5k. I always love this race, you get a nice shirt, and they have food and beer after the race. The food this year was so yummy. They had pork sandwiches, pasta, BBQ chicken, the best green beans ever, coleslaw, and cookies! And free beer!

We arrived nice and early, and to our surprise and horror, it was so hot out this year! It usually is nice and breezy, but not today. We walked around a little, did some warm ups and stretches. Used the restroom a few times. We ran into some people we knew, and then the boys decided to get a pre-race beer…. umm no thanks.


Apparently, some of the elites were stuck in traffic, so they pushed the start time back by 10 minutes. Either way we started making our way to the start line. Squeezed our way into our corrals, and before we knew it the gun went off.

The first half mile of this race is very exciting. There’s a lot of spectators and people cheering you on. Once you get to the trail part of the race you don’t see any spectators. But you do get some awesome views of the preserve. It was really congested until the first water stop which was half way through the race.

I was keeping up a good speed, but it was so hot, that I was really struggling. I kept telling myself that I was feeling good, the finish line is so close! There is a part in the race where the runners doing the 10k go to the right, and the 5k goes to the left with only half a mile to go. I was pretty excited when we got that point, I was so happy I didn’t do the 10k this year. I pushed myself to the finish line, and finished with a smile on my face. I grabbed a water and waited at the finish line for my sister, so came in about a minute after me. I finished at 29:21, I was hoping for under 29 minutes. But not to shabby considering the heat.


We knew that the rest of our family would be a little bit after us, so we went to get some food and beer. I was starving. I ate a pork sandwich with coleslaw on it, green beans and a cookie. When we saw my husband approaching the finish line! My mom and brother in law came a few minutes after. We all did so good!

We headed over to the party tent, got some more food, and beer. Then we danced to the cupid shuffle. Stretched, and then headed back to the car to meet our friend at dinner. I slept like a baby that night!


If anyone is in the Bradenton area, this race is a must! It is so fun and beautiful. Let me know if you have done it before, I want to hear what you think.



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