Friday Morning Spin Class

Gooooood morning! (I am saying that like Oprah by the way) It is early early and I have already completed my workout for today. That's right! I recently started going to LA Fitness, and they have early morning cycling classes. Which is just fantastic because I really enjoy cycling classes... I am I feel good … Continue reading Friday Morning Spin Class


Half Marathon Week 10 Wrap up

This is serious now. Last week we picked a half marathon to run in, and it is rapidly approaching. So we jumped right back into our training, week 10.   Week 10 stats: Tuesday: 4.63 miles hill run @11.21 pace Friday: 3.1 miles speed work @10:47 pace Sunday: 7.02 long run @10:58 pace Total miles: … Continue reading Half Marathon Week 10 Wrap up